How to Recognize a Tick Bite

Discovered in 1977 in the town of Lyme in Connecticut, the Lyme disease-carrying tick—also known as the “Scapularis tick,” the “black-legged tick,” or the “deer tick”—is currently settling in Montérégie, Estrie, and southern Quebec. In the long term, this disease can cause skin lesions, muscle pain, joint pain, arthritic episodes, inflammatory cranial lesions, facial paralysis, […]

Get Rid of Ants with the Green Plan!

Whether they’re in your lawn, in your landscaping, or even if they’ve invited themselves into your home, entrust your ant problem to Solution Cimex. The Green Plan from Solution Cimex The Green Plan is an eco-friendly solution offered by Solution Cimex. It protects you from the presence of ants year-round, both inside and outside your […]

Diseases Can Be Transmitted by Mice in Quebec

Mice and rats should never be tolerated in a home, business, or garden building. These rodents are a natural reservoir of deadly diseases that can be transmitted to humans and other animals. Not only do mice have the habit of contaminating food, but the simple act of breathing in the dust from rodent excrement or […]

Are ground wasps dangerous to humans?

Wasps are part of the same family to which honeybees and bumblebees also belong. This is the Hymenoptera order. We are sometimes asked if ground wasps are dangerous to humans. In fact, whether it’s ground wasps (Vespula), wasps that build aerial nests (e.g. Dolichovespula), or bees, it’s always important to take precautions before intervening near […]

How to Keep Fruit Flies Away from Your House

Although they aren’t particularly dangerous, fruit flies are unpleasant insects that can lay eggs in your food. Do you want to get rid of them simply, without resorting to an insecticide? Are you wondering how to keep fruit flies away? Here are a few tips that will let you deal with these annoying insects. Don’t […]