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The marmot, also called the whistler, is a mammal belonging to the category of rodents and to the family of Rodentia. It is visible in different places in Canada, except in Nunavut and Newfoundland. This animal can charm with its cute side and its characteristic behavior. Unfortunately, its presence causes problems for human beings and their environment. Groundhogs can even pose a public health risk. Indeed, they cause damage to infrastructure and crops. Measures should be adopted to expel them at the first signs of invasion.

How to identify a groundhog?

There are several signs that can indicate that a home is invaded by pests. Here are some examples:

The marmot, called Marmota Monax in scientific terms, is one of the largest rodents. This animal with a thick coat weighs between 2 to 4 kg for 40 to 60 cm in length, including its bushy tail. The color of its fur depends on its region of origin and the species to which it belongs. In Canada, both yellow-brown and greyish-red-brown marmots are found in Canada. In any case, the belly presents a lighter shade compared to the rest. The legs are black while the head is broad.

Marmots have a characteristic behavior. They seem to be constantly on alert. They observe their environment a lot and emit a whistle as soon as they sense a semblance of danger. They spend most of their time eating and basking in the sun when they are not in hibernation.

What attracts groundhogs to our properties and gardens?

Groundhogs are herbivorous mammals. They feed on flowers, buds, stems, fruits and vegetables. A property with a garden, lawn, fruit trees, and crop fields is a suitable habitat for these animals. The latter settle there to find food, develop and live there.

These mammals particularly like loose soil and upturned land. These places present the necessary conditions for the construction of burrows. They are not only easy to dig, but also to work. Also, groundhogs will tend to settle in a safe, dry and secure place, especially in a building.

This explains their possible presence in a cabin, a garage, a warehouse, or even a garden shed. They feel protected from bad weather conditions and predators. The downside is that they will dig holes in it that will damage the foundations. In addition, marmots come and rest in places where there is waste and food. They have a particular passion for garbage made up of fruit and vegetable scraps.

Why can the presence of marmots be a problem?

Each year, a groundhog has a litter of five to nine young. After a few years, the population becomes large and difficult to manage. Each animal is likely to cause health, safety, infrastructure and road safety problems. It causes noticeable damage to our gardens when it feeds on plants. Indeed, it will destroy part of the fruit crops.

Also, an animal can create its burrow in different places. A group of marmots can create up to 400 holes on a single hectare. In addition to damaging the appearance of the land, this situation exposes you to erosion and accidents. These mammals can cause similar damage to buildings, foundations and roads.

Groundhogs dig holes everywhere, weakening and damaging infrastructure. These animals are, in addition, a danger for traffic on the road. Their presence or sudden appearance can be the cause of a car accident. In terms of health, it is important to remain vigilant, because marmots can transmit the plague, a deadly disease.

How to prevent and avoid the invasion of marmots?

You can start by creating an unpleasant environment to keep groundhogs away. Take into account that they like loose soil. Mow the grass regularly so that it is unfavorable for the construction of burrows. Discourage these animals by using a smelly substance.

For example, mix tabasco, castor oil and urine before pouring the solution on several pieces of fabric. Spread them in various places to protect against groundhogs. Install metal grid barriers at their entrance areas. Also you can scare them away with ultrasonic whistles.

Groundhogs are giving you a hard time and you don’t know where you’re headed? Contact us! At Solution Cimex, we can advise you on how to keep them away. Our technicians can also set up specific devices to get rid of them quickly and permanently. 

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