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Get Rid of Ants with the Green Plan!

Whether they’re in your lawn, in your landscaping, or even if they’ve invited themselves into your home, entrust your ant problem to Solution Cimex.

The Green Plan from Solution Cimex

The Green Plan is an eco-friendly solution offered by Solution Cimex. It protects you from the presence of ants year-round, both inside and outside your home. It’s an eco-friendly treatment that’s safe for children, animals, and the environment.

Ants are known for damaging land, and some of them have the annoying habit of entering homes and sometimes even making nests in the structures there, which can damage them.

Among other items, the Green Plan against ants includes monthly treatments with baits to achieve effective, long-term results.

An environmentally responsible approach

The products used as part of the Green Plan against ants are products that have a low environmental impact.

Safe for children and animals

The Green Plan lets you eliminate ants while being safe for the environment, children, and animals.

Permit from the municipality not required

Our treatments don’t require taking any steps with municipalities. They are effective against pharaoh ants, pavement ants, field ants, and carpenter ants outside.

Plan Vert - fourmis dans la pelouse

The Solution Cimex team is pleased to offer the following services: carpenter ant extermination, pharaoh ant extermination, small black ant extermination, brown field ant extermination, and black field ant extermination. We also treat bed bugs and other pests. Among other places, we offer our services in the greater Montréal, Sherbrooke, and Granby areas.