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Squirrels are small wild animals whose face and behavior do not leave marble. However, they can be invasive and their presence causes various problems. Indeed, they do not fail to cause damage to our properties. They gnaw through electrical wires and damage the insulation system. As a result, electricity consumption increases. And are not the only notable damage caused. Certainly, squirrels are useful for the ecosystem, but it is necessary to repel them when they are too numerous and harmful. So how to get rid of it?

How to recognize a squirrel?

A squirrel is a mammal that is characterized by its small size and fluffy coat. This allows it to resist the cold during the winter. Also, it can be identified by its long bushy tail and its agile and active behavior. There are nearly 200 species around the world. The gray squirrel, whose size varies from 43 to 54 cm, and the red squirrel, which measures between 28 and 35 cm in length, are the most widespread in Canada. They are particularly adept at jumping in trees and they run fast. These omnivorous beings feed on hazelnuts, bark, flowers, or even small rabbits.

How to detect the presence of a squirrel?

Squirrels roam in wooded areas, in the garden and even in the house. You may encounter one or more of them in these places. Also pay attention to what is happening up high. These animals tend to jump into the branches where they rest. Also, they can eat or store food there.

Squirrels are quite talkative animals. They communicate with each other through whistles similar to high-pitched cries. You may have occasion to hear them in wooded areas. Beyond their “chatter”, you have to be attentive to the details. These little beasts leave clues proving their presence, in particular leftover food, namely started seeds or nutshells.

What damage do squirrels cause?

The presence of squirrels is harmful both in a house and in a garden. Behind this pleasant animal to observe hides a real pest. Its presence exposes you to the risk of fire when it gnaws on electrical cables. He robs garbage cans and damages telephone wires. It can cause water leakage problems, when it attacks the piping system.

Squirrels regularly come to places where they can find food. The garden can look like a small paradise for these animals. They feast on young plants, flowers, buds and seeds. Also, they like fruits and vegetables that grow tall. This situation can cause crop loss for farmers.

These wild animals use tree trunks to sharpen their teeth. They also proceed in this way to feed themselves. This weakens the tree and makes it less resistant in strong winds. In the end, the owner must cut down the victim trees to prevent them from falling and causing an accident.

How to repel squirrels?

Here are some tips for keeping squirrels from invading your property:

  • Eliminate food sources: one of the best ways to keep these animals away is to deprive them of the object of their desire, especially food. Empty the trash can regularly. Avoid leaving leftover food and edible products lying around. Clean the places where you have lunch, for example.
  • Prune trees: squirrels jump from tree to tree and spend a lot of time in the branches. You can deprive them of movement by reducing the branches located 2 or 3 meters from a building. This prevents them from accessing the roofs.
  • Scatter pet hair: squirrels have a keen sense of smell. They avoid places where their safety is threatened by pets. In particular, you can disseminate hair from your dog or cat. Collect them before scattering them across your garden.
  • Block the openings of your house: you can block the entry points of these rodents to prevent them from gaining access to your house. Be careful, these scoundrels are capable of gnawing on different kinds of materials. It is advisable to install metal grilles that stand out for their solidity and resistance.
  • Use repellents: You can take advantage of squirrels’ keen sense of smell to keep them away. These do not like lemon, garlic, pepper and mustard. You can dispose of it in areas of the house that need to be protected.

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At Solution Cimex, we can help you in the fight against pests, including squirrels. Especially since these animals can be difficult to repel and capture. Thanks to our experience and our know-how, we will implement effective solutions to keep them away efficiently and in the long term.
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