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Pests and insects can become a real problem when they invade our property. Reproducing quickly and being difficult to exterminate, rodents, insects and other small animals make life difficult for us. If you are facing pest problems in your home, and you live in the area of ​​Terrasse-Bellevue, we have the solution for you.

The services we offer you

In order to satisfy you, we offer various services relating to the extermination of pests in your home. At Solution Cimex, we first inspect your home and property to determine the types of pests that have settled there. This step is crucial in order to define the appropriate extermination solutions.

Then, we proceed to exterminate the pests, making sure to identify any colonies and the sources of the invasion. Thus, you will be sure that the extermination has been done right to the root of the problem, which will prevent a recurrence.

Finally, we give you advice to prevent a new infestation in the future. We also have a shop that offers different products to exterminate the most common pests found in a home.

What are the pests that are often encountered in the locality of Terrasse-Bellevue?

There are countless pests that can invade your property in the area of ​​Terrasse-Bellevue. Generally, these small animals are present throughout Quebec and throughout Canada, and include, in particular:

  • Bed bugs;
  • Rodents ;
  • Carpenter ants and pharaohs;
  • Cockroaches…

Given the wide variety of likely pest species, it is essential to carry out an inspection in order to determine which animals it is, and especially to define the cause of this invasion. Professional exterminators have the skills, experience and equipment necessary to properly carry out this step, on which the success of the extermination will depend.

It is not recommended to carry out the extermination yourself, since this task requires the use of chemicals that can be dangerous to health. Handling them may require the use of adequate protective equipment.

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