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Rats are rodents belonging to the class of mammals and family Muridae. They are not only pests, but also carriers of diseases. They can damage infrastructure, crops and equipment in our homes. Also, they can be vectors of Hanta fever, bubonic plague or leptospirosis. These rodents easily adapt to our environment, which makes them difficult to eradicate. However, the extermination of rats is essential to stay healthy and protect our property. You can just contact us to get to the bottom of it.

How to recognize a rat?

A rat is a fairly large rodent that weighs between 100 to 500 g, depending on its age and species. The adult measures between 20 to 30 cm in length, and up to 25 to 30 cm with its tail. The latter is long, hairless and somewhat scaly. This animal can be distinguished from a mouse by its shiny, thick, greyish-brown coat. Its head and eyes are small. These details correspond to the species named Rattus norvegicus and Rattus rattus.

How to detect the presence of rats?

Detecting the presence of rats is not a very complicated task, even if they tend to hide in hidden places, namely ducts, gutters, attics or even the cellar. Especially since these rodents are nocturnal. They will circulate at night while we sleep.

Here are some signs that indicate their presence:

  • Gnawing sounds: a rat’s teeth never stop growing. This encourages him to gnaw almost all day long. Scratching noises are heard when it gnaws on plastic, wood and even concrete. You hear them mostly at night.
  • Small black droppings: A rat’s droppings look like small balls of black or brown color. They are placed in different places, usually the cellar, the attic or even along a wall. These are often places sheltered from light and little frequented.
  • An unusual smell: the urine of rats gives off a characteristic smell, quite strong. It is similar to that of food in the process of decomposition. You smell them in places that these rodents have squatted.
  • Teeth marks: you notice some kind of teeth marks or scratches on items that have been gnawed on. This includes pipes, furniture and electrical wires. These different manifestations alert the presence of rodents.
  • Fat holes: the coat of the rat is composed of a fatty substance. Part of the latter is deposited on the holes that served as passage for rodents.

How to prevent the invasion of rats?

Maintaining good hygiene remains one of the best solutions to prevent the invasion of rats in a property. We encourage you to regularly clean the surfaces, especially in the kitchen. It is important to clean floors thoroughly, remove food scraps and store food in airtight containers. Also, you have to empty the trash every day.

Rats like poorly ventilated, damp and dark places. It is therefore important to keep the house well ventilated. Do not hesitate to create an opening to let in the sunlight. Also, regularly check your installations to detect signs of humidity and remedy them. Some DIY is needed to protect the building from rodent invasion. Knowing that these pass through cracks and holes, it is important to repair and plug them all.

How to eliminate rats?

Eliminating rats is essential, to avoid serious damage and disease. Traps are a classic method for capturing rodents. You have the embarrassment of the choice concerning the model, in particular the devices with glue, the cages or the spring systems. The use of natural repellents is also an interesting idea to keep these little beasts away. These are peppermint, cayenne pepper or even mint essential oil.

On the other hand, poisoned baits are effective. They eliminate part of the rodent colony. Attention, they must be used with precaution if you have children and/or pets. Be sure to place these traps out of their reach. You can associate this method with the exclusion. Concretely, it is necessary to plug the holes likely to serve as a passage for rodents.

The elimination of rats is a tedious operation. It is necessary to deploy several means to get rid of it effectively and permanently.

Do not hesitate to call on our services to get rid of it. Especially when the rodent infestation persists despite your efforts to get rid of it. We have the necessary skills and equipment to deal with this type of case.

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