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Custom Extermination Services for Property Managers

Make your job easier: we take care of everything!

Knowing that the cleanliness of apartments is of the utmost importance for property managers, Solution Cimex, pest management specialist, has developed a range of services for your purposes. When bed bugs or other insects are causing problems in one or more apartments, our team of technicians is capable of getting the situation under control while making your life easier.

Services for property managers

This management is carried out in several steps. First, Solution Cimex answers the property manager’s questions and performs a brief evaluation of the situation with them. Then, they set up an initial appointment with the affected tenants and take care to explain the process to them while ensuring their cooperation. After that comes the inspection of the apartments, carrying out the initial treatment, formulating recommendations for the tenants, making an appointment for the second treatment (follow-up), and drawing up a report on the situation, which Solution Cimex submits to the building manager. The latter can count on our team’s efficiency and—in so doing—they’ll be able to focus on their usual activities rather than getting bogged down in laborious coordinations with their tenants and the service provider.

Projects of all sizes

To date, Solution Cimex has proven the effectiveness of its bed bug treatment protocols in a multitude of contexts and projects of all sizes. Whether it’s an apartment, a building, housing stock, a high-rise, a hospital, or a shop, Solution Cimex has the necessary expertise to eradicate bed bugs quickly and effectively.

Main advantages

Custom Extermination Services for Property Managers
  • We take care of everything!
  • Eradicate bed bugs quickly and effectively.
  • Making your life easier

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