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Protection plan for businesses, industries which aims to make monthly visits and prevent infestations

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Factories, stores and restaurants are the targets of various parasites. The latter find a refuge there where they can feed, shelter and multiply. Professional premises provide them with comfort and security, conditions conducive to their proliferation. Pests are also protected from climatic hazards and predators.

An infestation, however small, is harmful to businesses and industries. It represents a risk to the health of employees and can damage the reputation of the company. In any case, it is necessary to act and take precautions. It starts with a diagnosis made by a professional.

At Solution Cimex, we can precisely develop a protection plan adapted to the different categories of professional establishments in Canada. Factories, offices, restaurants, shops, hotels, apartments or sports halls. Each situation has a solution to prevent and/or get rid of parasites and pests.

Protect employees from health problems

One of the objectives of our commercial and industrial pest protection plan is to protect human health. Indeed, many pests are carriers of diseases. Take the example of cockroaches, rats or mosquitoes. They can cause infectious diseases such as salmonellosis and leptospirosis.

An intervention is necessary in case of infestation of mosquitoes, ticks or flies. Stings and bites caused by these pests cause itching and even allergic reactions. Bed bugs, on the other hand, cause intense itching to their victims.

Maintaining a good corporate reputation

Implementing a pest control plan helps maintain a positive image of a restaurant, store, or factory. Indeed, visitors would automatically associate the presence of pests with negligence and a lack of hygiene on the part of their hosts. This situation can lead to a loss of trust among customers and partners.

It is therefore necessary to act at the first signs of infestation. Even better, it is smart to strategize ahead of a pest invasion. One solution is to invest in detection stations and visual inspections, but this is not enough and precautions must be taken, especially when choosing products, some of which may be aggressive. This is where professionals like us can provide valuable support.

Save money

Having a pest control strategy in place helps save money, as property and equipment are protected. Indeed, pests can do damage, especially to indoor equipment. These little beasts damage structures in particular. They destroy some tools and can even contaminate food.

The havoc caused by pests can then be costly. In the most serious cases, it may be necessary to make repairs or even invest in new equipment. Employees who have fallen ill must receive health care. All this involves financial losses.

Comply with the regulations in force in Canada

It should be noted that owners of businesses and industries are required to meet regulatory compliance in force in Canada. It is then mandatory to manage the presence of pests within its premises, to be in line with health regulations. This is, for example, the case of restaurants and food companies.

Strict hygiene standards must be applied to protect food from contamination. Birds and insects can transmit viruses and bacteria responsible for many diseases. A violation of the regulations may lead to a sanction, such as a fine or the temporary closure of the establishment.

Securing goods and materials

A pest-free building is a place where goods and materials are secure. As already mentioned, insects, rodents or termites are likely to cause significant material damage. They damage the condition of structures, damage equipment and destroy inventory. In addition, some of them will contaminate food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Take action as soon as possible. Even a slight infestation can quickly escalate if no action is taken. It is possible to undertake the installation of traps or to use insecticides and repellent solutions. The intervention of a professional is necessary in the event of a massive invasion.

Enjoy a e intervention in accordance with Canadian standards

The protection plan against pests and pests proposed by our team complies with Canadian standards. At Solution Cimex, we use approved products. We consider human and pet health when using it. Also, we hold a permit issued by the Ministry of Sustainable Development.

An intervention in accordance with the regulations guarantees work carried out with respect for the environment and human beings. Our customers can be confident about the effectiveness of the pest protection strategies we design for them.

Efficiency, professionalism and guarantee!

At Solution Cimex, we make it our duty to offer quality services. You can count on rapid intervention and guaranteed results for a period of 6 months. Browse the sections available on our website to learn about the solutions we offer for different types of pests. Our expert technicians are available for an inspection of the premises. This operation makes it possible to define the appropriate treatment, depending on the location and the pest. We are available 24/7, ready to intervene according to your needs and your situation.