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Mice Extermination

The presence of mice in a home, in a garage, or on a farm should never be tolerated. Like other wild rodents, mice are natural reservoirs of diseases, such as leptospirosis1 and hantavirus pulmonary syndrome2, to name just a few, which can be deadly diseases in some cases. These diseases are most often contracted during improper handling of mice, their nests, or their droppings. Don’t hesitate to call on a professional to carry out a mice extermination.

How to recognize mice ?

The deer mouse and the house mouse are easy to identify. The deer mouse has a white belly and paws, while the rest of its body is brownish or greyish. The house mouse, on the other hand, is easily recognized by its large ears.

What damage can mice cause ?

Mice and other small rodents defile the premises with their urine and droppings. In addition to smelling bad, these can be contaminated with dangerous pathogens. Mice can also chew materials, displace insulation, strip wires, and—in some cases—cause fires. Mice extermination is therefore not a luxury; it allows you to maintain the safety of the premises.

How to get rid of mice ?

The first step to getting rid of mice will most likely be to plug the holes through which the mice are entering the house. The environment around the house may also need to be modified. Tall grass, garbage that can be used as food, and piles of wood should be eliminated. Poisoned baits are available on the market. However, they are a risk for other animals and can sometimes cause the death and decomposition of the mouse inside the walls. They may then give off a strong odour, and work may be required to remove them from the walls.

Mouse traps remain very useful tools. However, mice can sometimes remain vigilant, difficult to catch and get rid of completely. The mouse exterminator is the best-positioned and most competent person to help you solve your problem.

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