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Do you live in the town of Granby-Ouest and your place of residence is the victim of a pest invasion? Know that you can call on our services to get rid of the infestation quickly and efficiently. At Solution Cimex, we support you effectively in the fight against the undesirables that invade your homes.

What causes pests to invade a home?

There are many reasons why pests of all kinds can invade a home. Here  are some of the most common causes:

· The food

Insects and rodents are attracted to food left out in the open or crumbs that fall to the floor. It is therefore important to store food in airtight containers and to clean kitchen and dining room surfaces regularly.

·  waste

Household waste also attracts pests. Be sure to use closed trash cans in your home to prevent small animals from easily accessing them. Also remember to take them out regularly.

· Cracks and openings

Mice, rats and insects can squeeze through small cracks or openings in walls, windows or doors. If you find that your house has these kinds of problems, you should quickly seal and repair them to prevent pests from entering.

·  The living conditions

Pests are often attracted to unsanitary living conditions, such as water leaks, excessive humidity, and dirt. Maintaining a clean, dry home can help prevent infestations of all kinds.

·  Pets

Pets can carry parasites such as fleas and ticks. It is important to regularly treat animals with pest control products to prevent infestations.

· Plants

Some indoor plants can attract insects. Remember to inspect them regularly and take steps to eliminate any pests present there if necessary.


In general, preventing pest infestations involves keeping a clean and well-maintained home, storing food properly, sealing all openings, and taking steps to remove unwanted insects and animals as soon as they are detected.

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