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Do you suspect a pest infestation in your property? At Solution Cimex, we intervene in Granby to exterminate them. Rats, carpenter ants or even cockroaches… These undesirables can do a lot of damage.

What damage do pests cause?

Pests do a lot of damage in their path. They destroy elements to feed themselves or to clear a path.

Damage to cables and piping

Rats and mice can cause serious damage to cables and pipes. These rodents constantly need to nibble to wear down their constantly growing teeth. That’s why they’re going after your property. Television or Internet cables, for example, can be eaten away by these pests. The consequences can be serious: malfunctioning plumbing; short circuits; pipe problems; fire hazard. It is therefore essential to take measures to prevent their intrusion. Your installations must be protected.


Many pests can transmit various diseases. Here are some common conditions associated with these undesirables:
  • Rats and mice: These rodents can transmit leptospirosis. It is a serious bacterial disease that attacks the kidneys and liver. They can also carry other pathologies such as plague, salmonellosis, tularemia or even typhus;
  • Bed bugs: Although these insects are not vectors of disease, they can bite and cause some damage. Victims may be itchy or have allergic reactions;
  • Cockroaches: These critters can contaminate food surfaces and help spread harmful germs and bacteria;
  • Carpenter ants: They will corrupt the structural integrity of a construction and promote the appearance of mold. These are harmful to respiratory health.

Damage to wooden structures

Many pests will damage the wood. Some will nibble on the structures or establish their nests there. They can dig holes up to several centimeters deep. Galleries will thus be dug inside the wood and weaken it. This can cause cracks, warping, or even collapse. The proliferation of pests in the heart of the wood can cause serious structural damage.

Significant expenses

Damage caused by pests can represent significant costs. Deteriorated infrastructure will require more or less major repairs. Any illnesses caused will require treatment. As for contaminated foodstuffs, they will have to be thrown away, which involves additional unforeseen expenses. Added to all this is the necessary cleaning and disinfection.

A Corrupted Reputation

The presence of rodents and pests can have a negative impact on the image of a business, hostel, hotel or restaurant. Customers may no longer want to return to an infested location. These undesirables are often associated with a lack of hygiene. For example, an infested restaurant may raise concerns about the quality of meals. If infrastructure or equipment has been damaged, production may be delayed. All this will affect the reputation and the relationship with customers. It is therefore essential for companies to react quickly. Preventative measures must be taken to avoid such problems.

Your exterminator in Granby

It is essential to react quickly to an infestation. Indeed, the presence of pests can cause discomfort to the inhabitants of a house. In addition to causing significant property damage. It is wise to take precautions when you suspect their presence. In this way, you can limit the damage related to their invasion. It will also save you expensive repairs. At Solution Cimex, we can help you deal with this kind of situation. We provide you with a team of experienced professionals. Here’s what we offer:
  • Inspecting your property for infestations
  • Establishing an extermination plan;
  • Implementation of effective solutions.
It should be noted that the measures we apply are safe for human health. In addition, we use products with low environmental impact. Whether you are an individual or a professional, our goal is for you to enjoy a healthy and safe environment. We do everything we can to keep you safe from pests. Don’t hesitate to use our services if you live in Granby or the surrounding area.
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