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Pigeons are birds considered by many to be pests, due to their speed of proliferation and their invasive presence. In addition to leaving droppings everywhere, these birds are particularly noisy, especially when there are many of them. When colonies become invasive and disrupt daily life, measures must be taken. It is necessary to get rid of it. How to do ?

How to identify a pigeon?

The pigeon, by its scientific name Columba Livia Domestica, is a common bird that can be found both in town and in the countryside. It is particularly noticeable near places where there is food, especially agricultural areas.

This bird is characterized by its short beak and small neck. It has an average length of 30 cm for a wingspan of 50 to 60 cm. A pigeon is easy to identify by the color of its feathers. These are usually gray at the neck and white at the lower back. A black bar crosses the fenders.

What damage do pigeons cause?

Pigeons can be a real problem, especially when they live in large colonies. They cause damage wherever they go, knowing that they will settle in places where it is easy for them to find food. Their droppings contain uric acid in particular, which harms fences, vehicle bodies, and also stone statues. They damage surfaces and discolor them.

It remains prudent to avoid the invasion of pigeons, especially since they can transmit diseases. These include chlamydiosis, cryptococcosis or salmonellosis. For their part, the nests damage the infrastructures where they are deposited. Gutters, ventilation systems or even drain pipes are for example concerned.

These birds also damage buildings. They dig holes and perforate electrical installations. Their droppings are particularly harmful to a factory’s food production systems. Finally, the pigeons steal food everywhere and vandalize the garbage cans.

How to keep pigeons away?

Keeping pigeons away permanently is a complicated task, due to their adaptability. These birds live and proliferate (too) easily in urban areas, beyond the noise pollution in the city. They settle as soon as they can feed themselves.

Here are some possible methods to get rid of pigeons:

  • Use false predators: the pigeons will not settle in a place where they feel threatened. You can then call on a fake owl or a fake hawk to scare them away.
  • Modify their environment: remove all food sources near the birds. Empty trash cans or place lids over them. Regularly maintain the premises to reduce waste.
  • Use repellents: essential oils of orange and mint are natural repellents to keep these birds away.
  • Raise the awareness of people residing around the environment of pigeons: communicate on the health risks relating to the presence of pigeons. In particular, encourage the neighborhood to avoid giving them food.
  • Laying nets: placing these accessories in height makes it possible to block the way to pigeons. This will prevent them from accessing the roof or gutters.

Contact us to manage an invasion of pigeons

The owners of a building, a company or even a culture can be victims of pigeons. Are you one of them and you no longer know how to manage the invasion? So call on our services. At Solution Cimex, we can take care of this scourge and get rid of it.

Our specialists know the behavior of these birds well. After diagnosis of the situation, we will implement the best solution to remove them permanently. It should be noted that we apply methods that respect the ecosystem and the legislation in force in this area.

It should be noted that some repellents are harmful to the environment. As professionals, we use regulated products. We will make sure to put in place a protocol that is respectful of the planet. In addition, the extermination of birds is a practice that requires arming oneself with caution. In this sense, we apply bird management control methods that do not harm human health.

Finally, be aware that pests can return to their old location at any time if no precautions are taken in this regard. We will therefore offer you a lasting solution, to prevent a new invasion.

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