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Spider Extermination

Do you have a spider infestation inside the house, on your balcony, or on your lawn? Rely on a spider exterminator. They are the best-equipped person to rectify the situation. Spider extermination by a professional lets you achieve a fast and effective result to enjoy a beautiful summer season.

How to recognize spiders?

There are over 600 species of spiders in Quebec (Paquin et al. 2010). Although they play a very beneficial role in nature, they sometimes invade the inside or outside of homes. In addition to spreading panic, they can sometimes inflict bites without posing a risk to human health. There are no spiders with dangerous potential for humans in Quebec. However, cases of the presence of black widows as well as brown recluses have already been catalogued near the American border as well as in other cities in Quebec. They reach us primarily through the packaging of fruit or imported goods. If you think that you’ve been bitten by a black widow or a brown recluse, remain calm and immediately consult a doctor or poison control centre.

How to get rid of spiders ?

Spiders are attracted by and feed on harmful insects such as caterpillars, bed bugs, aphids, earwigs, etc. To prevent the presence of spiders, it may be beneficial to :

  • Caulk the places where they can enter.
  • Trap and relocate the spiders outside.
  • Tidy up to make the premises as clean as possible.
  • Remove the cobwebs.
  • Reduce the humidity of the premises.
  • Sweep frequently behind the appliances.

Rely on a spider exterminator ?

The presence of spiders in a basement or crawl space can be beneficial. However, it’s sometimes necessary to rely on a spider exterminator. The treatments are normally inexpensive and highly effective. If you are the victim of an infestation, don’t hesitate to contact us to carry out a spider extermination.

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Do you have a spider problem?

Don’t panic! We’ll take care of you. Contact us now.