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It can be common to encounter pest infestation problems in heavily populated areas such as cities and towns. If you live in the locality of Magog and your home is invaded by pests of all kinds, you can call on our services to overcome the problem quickly.

How to recognize that a house is invaded by pests?

There are several signs that can indicate that a home is invaded by pests. Here are some examples:

· Traces of excrement

Pests, such as mice, rats, cockroaches and bed bugs, often leave traces of droppings behind. Feces can be found on floors, walls, ceilings, closets and drawers. This is an obvious sign of the presence of small animals and insects in your home.

· Traces of nibbling

Rodents, especially mice and rats, tend to nibble on electrical wires, pipes, and walls. Termites and carpenter ants nibble on wood. These nibble marks may be visible on the affected surfaces.

· Strange smells

Pests can give off unpleasant odors. Mice, for example, smell like musk, while cockroaches can smell like ammonia.

· Stains or marks on the walls

Pests can leave stains or marks on the walls. Bedbugs, for example, can leave brown stains on sheets and mattresses.

· Night noises

Pests are often more active at night. If you hear scratching, stomping or gnawing noises at night, this may indicate the presence of pests.

· Skin rashes or stings

Bed bugs, fleas and spiders can bite humans and cause bites or rashes.


If you notice any of these signs in your home, it’s important to take steps to eliminate the pests and prevent their return. You can call on us for a full assessment. At Solution Cimex, we will implement a pest control plan.

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