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The proliferation of bedbugs in fall and winter

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A bedbug is a small harmful insect measuring 1 to 3 millimeters. It feeds on human or animal blood. During the day, it takes refuge in dark places such as the seams of mattresses. Then, she comes out to feed at nightfall. These insects spread quickly and quickly invade an entire building without adequate measures. Focus on these pests which are wreaking havoc in Quebec, and in other countries around the world. Particularly in France where they cause a lot of ink to flow.

The reproduction cycle of bed bugs

The bed bug reproduction cycle includes several phases. The process begins with mating, which results in fertilization. The female lays between 2 to 5 eggs per day, once fertilized. These are white in color and measure approximately 1 mm. Note that a female can lay between 300 to 500 eggs throughout her life.

The eggs then hatch after around ten days. Young bedbugs, called nymphs, then appear. These are distinguished from adults by their small size. Finally, they enter the maturity phase approximately 4 to 6 weeks later. Knowing this reproduction cycle is essential to assess the scale of an infestation.

The methods of propagation of these pests

The rate of bedbug proliferation increases as the infestation grows. These pests have no difficulty moving and settling in a clean environment. Let’s find out the most common ways these insects spread.

Used tools and furniture

Buying or moving second-hand furniture is one of the most common causes of bed bug infestations. In fact, these pests tend to take refuge in sofas, bedside tables and mattresses. It is therefore advisable to carefully inspect the furniture you wish to purchase. This prevents you from exposing your home to an infestation.

The journey

Bed bugs easily sneak into your luggage, purse and clothes. It is therefore possible that you bring them home after a trip. These pests are fine no matter how long your trip is. It is therefore essential to regularly check your belongings when you are on the move. In particular, before hitting the road home. We even advise you to systematically carry out disinfection.

The entourage

The risks of bedbug infestation are higher if your neighbors are experiencing infestation problems. Indeed, parasites enter your home by moving through the ducts, the ceiling or even the walls. So, always warn your neighbors if you notice suspicious cases. This will allow you to act as quickly as possible to limit the spread.

Conditions favorable to a proliferation of bedbugs

In Quebec, bedbugs disappeared after the Second World War. Unfortunately, it seems that they are making a comeback lately. As if that were not enough, the scourge also invaded part of France. Cinemas, public transport and even hospitals are not spared. Several factors have contributed to the proliferation of these insects:

  • Purchasing second-hand products;
  • The nomadic lifestyle;
  • Their tenacity against insecticides.

Added to these elements are the conditions favorable to their propagation:

  • The presence of hiding places: bed bugs like to live in areas hidden from view. Mattress seams, box springs and wall crevices are perfect for breeding and laying eggs.
  • Favorable temperature: these pests are resistant to heat and cold. They survive at temperatures between -10°C and 40°C. A period of very high heat or extreme cold can affect their development/reproduction, but not their survival.
  • Darkness: Bed bugs are nocturnal parasites, meaning they are active during the night. During the day, it prefers dark places to take refuge. She settles there to reproduce and lay eggs.
  • The existence of a human being or an animal: the parasite settles near a human being or an animal, since it feeds on blood. The more people and animals a place has, the greater the risk of infestation.

Bed bug prevention solutions

Here are the measures to take to prevent the proliferation of bedbugs when using second-hand objects.

  • Get into the habit of washing second-hand clothes at + 60°C. You can also put them on the hottest cycle of the dryer for around thirty minutes.
  • Freeze second-hand clothes at -20°C for 3 days before wearing.
  • Throw away unnecessary second-hand items to limit places conducive to the development of parasites.

Let’s continue with the good habits to have during a stay at a hotel:

  • Carry out a general check of your hotel room upon arrival.
  • Avoid putting your suitcases, backpack or handbag on the floor and/or on the bed. Prefer to store your luggage in a dedicated place.
  • Examine the closet and wardrobe before putting away your belongings.
  • Inspect bedding thoroughly for parasites before lying down/sitting down.

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