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Our different processes have proven their worth in exterminating bed bugs permanently!

steam bed bug traitment

Bed bug treatment

Economical and eco-friendly, Solution Cimex’s bed bug treatment protocol, including the dry steam treatment, lets you eliminate the majority of bed bugs, eggs, and pupae as soon as it is applied.

Bed bug heat treatment

Bed bug heat treatment

Fast and effective, heat treating your home against bed bugs aims to rapidly increase the temperature of the premises to totally eliminate bed bugs the same day.   

Heat chamber

The heat chamber lets you heat treat a limited number of items and furniture. A useful solution, for example, to get out of an infested environment without bringing bed bugs back to your new home.

bedbug freezing service

Freezing service

Solution Cimex offers an anti-bed bug treatment service using cold reaching very low temperatures. Ideal for treating heat-sensitive items and clothing.

Safe and Approved Products

Solution Cimex holds the permits required by the Quebec Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment and the Fight Against Climate Change.

bed bugs detection dog

Canine bed bug detection

For several years, this method has shown the usefulness of man’s best friend when the time comes to detect the places where bed bugs are hiding with precision.

Solution Cimex’s bed bug treatment protocol

When Solution Cimex wanted to develop its effective bed bug treatment protocol, it examined the characteristics that allowed the bed bug to become increasingly resistant to strictly chemical treatments.

Use of dry steam to eliminate bed bugs

The use of dry steam at very high temperatures has proven effective for:

  • Instantly eliminating a maximum number of bed bugs as soon as it is applied, without having to wait for insecticides to act.
  • Eliminating even the bed bugs that may have developed a resistance to the insecticides used.
  • Eliminating bed bug eggs, which are usually unresponsive to insecticides.

Bed bugs and their eggs can’t withstand heat greater than 50°C, which is why we use the dry steam treatment, the temperature of which can reach 160°C (316°F).

The results are remarkable and immediate from the first intervention, thanks to the elimination of the majority of the bed bugs and their eggs from the first day.

Other elements of the treatment protocol, including a second treatment three to four weeks later using an approved product, make it possible to prevent the reappearance of another infestation.

Bed bug heat treatment

The bed bug heat treatment lets you achieve very fast and effective results. Also known as the bed bug thermal treatment, the heat treatment involves rapidly increasing the temperature of the premises to a temperature capable of eliminating bed bugs and their eggs instantly.

It is possible to carry out this “shock” treatment against bed bugs in several rooms, in a whole house, in several homes simultaneously, or even in an apartment building.

Contact us now to find out if this treatment is right for you.

Heat chamber treatment for bed bugs

The heat chamber also uses heat to treat bed bugs in areas that are particularly difficult to access.

This heat is produced by a forced-air electric heater. It destroys the bed bugs living in upholstered chairs, mattresses, box springs, wheelchairs, hospital beds, musical instruments, electronic devices, or any other furniture that is difficult to treat.

Portable, it is easy to install. It is ideal during moves to eliminate bed bugs from the items to be moved. We use it in specific cases, depending on your situation.

Don’t throw anything away! We take care of everything!

Freezing treatment for bed bugs

The cold—at least -18°C for at least four days—eliminates the bed bugs living in your fabrics that are impossible to wash, your electronic devices (read your instructions before), books, various papers, and any other valuable object that can’t be treated with heat or steam. Just put them in a bag beforehand.

Drying service

The drying service lets you treat clothes. After a 30-to-45-minute cycle at the highest temperature, the bed bugs as well as their eggs are eradicated.

We have a mobile propane-powered dryer in a trailer to help you with this task.

Solution Cimex operates year-round. Contact us for a fast and discreet intervention.

How to prepare your home before the bed bug extermination?

For the exterminator to be able to do an effective job, it is very important to prepare each room properly according to these instructions:

Clean and declutter the rooms.

Vacuum all the rooms thoroughly along the walls to remove the excess dust to allow the applied product to be more effective. Dispose of the vacuum bag in a sealed outdoor garbage can. If your vacuum cleaner doesn’t have a bag, empty the contents of the canister into a plastic bag, close it carefully, throw it in the garbage immediately, and—finally—wash the vacuum canister with hot water and detergent. In addition, clean the vacuum brushes and accessories used with hot water and detergent.

Place the clothes and bedding in tightly sealed bags and empty them directly into the washer. Wash in hot water on the long cycle and dry at high temperature for 30 to 45 minutes.

Place non-washable items in the dryer at high temperature for at least 30 minutes.

Always throw away the bags containing the contaminated objects outside.

Once the clothes and bedding are clean, put them in new sealed bags before placing them in an uncontaminated location until there are no more bed bugs (two to three weeks after an extermination deemed successful by a certified exterminator).

Make sure that each drawer of the desks and nightstands as well as the closets are empty.

Leave objects such as lamps, alarm clocks, and paintings in place. They will be steam treated.

Once you have finished preparing the rooms, they should look like a hotel room at the time of your arrival.

Avoid bringing in new furniture or mattresses before the infestation is completely eliminated.

On the day of the treatment, all pets must be taken out of the house and remain there for at least six hours after the treatment.

To avoid spreading bed bugs to other rooms of the house, you absolutely must continue sleeping in the infested room.

If your mattress is in good condition, it’s unnecessary to throw it away. It can be steam treated and—if it has tears—you can put it in a cover specially designed for this purpose. However, if you decide to get rid of it, you are obliged to make sure that it can’t be recovered by another person (mark it with red paint or tear the surface with a knife).

There’s no need to throw away your furniture unless a professional advises you otherwise, because it can be steam treated.

When will we be able to re-enter our home?

Please allow a minimum of six hours after the end of the anti-bed bug treatment before re-entering the home.

For young children or people with allergies or illnesses, it’s recommended to wait at least eight hours following the end of the treatment.

As for pregnant or nursing women, allow a minimum period of 24 hours.

All pets must remain outside the home for a period of six hours following the end of the treatment.

It’s recommended to wear closed-toed shoes after the application and not to walk barefoot for a minimum period of 48 hours.

Air out each of the rooms affected by the treatment as much as possible.

What are the obligations of a rental building owner?

As soon as they are notified of the presence of bed bugs in a dwelling, the landlord must take steps to exterminate them.

They must communicate the procedure and the steps to take to correct the situation to their tenant.

They must rely on a certified exterminator—that is, one with the required training as well as a permit from the Ministère du Développement durable, de l’Environnement et des Parcs du Québec—in order to proceed with the elimination.

They must allow this exterminator to have access to all the dwellings and all the common areas of their building.
They must ensure that the common areas are not cluttered to facilitate the expert’s job.

The landlord must ensure that the contaminated items don’t circulate within the building before they have been protected first.

They must ensure that the exterminator returns to the site two to four weeks after the extermination if the treatment requires it.

What are your responsibilities as a tenant?

The tenant is required to notify their landlord as soon as possible. If the landlord is slow to deal with the problem, the tenant can get help from the Régie du logement.

They must cooperate with the treatment and take the necessary steps to increase the chances of success of the extermination.

What are the responsibilities of the exterminator?

The exterminator must use all the necessary methods to detect and eradicate the bed bugs in all rooms at risk of infestation.

They must make a fast evaluation and inspect—in the case of a rental building—the dwellings adjacent to the infested dwelling.

They must request the landlords and/or each of the tenants to prepare their dwelling for the extermination.

The exterminator is responsible for ensuring the success of the extermination. They must therefore treat for all stages of development of the bed bugs. To achieve this, two visits are essential:

The first is to implement the chosen intervention measures;

The second is to verify the effectiveness of the treatment;
Note that a second application of the product may be required.

The insecticides used must be approved by Health Canada to eliminate bed bugs and be applied according to the instructions from the manufacturers.

The exterminator is obliged to ensure the safety of the residents before, during, and after the extermination. They must also ensure that the products used are safe for the environment.

Do you have a bed bug problem?

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