Top 25 Cities Most Affected by Bed Bugs (Orkin Canada)

Over the course of just 20 years, bed bug infestations have gone from a rare phenomenon to a common problem, especially in big cities. The bed bug doesn’t spare anyone, since it proliferates in houses, whether they’re clean or dirty, simple or luxurious. It’s important to be alert to the signs of a bed bug infestation, […]

Bed Bugs in Prison Cells

Is it possible to be a victim of the bed bug in prison cells? Yes, of course. The bed bug doesn’t spare anyone, not even in cells. Indeed, it is particularly formidable there due to the openings that allow bed bugs to spread easily. The constricted movement and overcrowding of the cells also allow bed […]

The Source of the Bed Bugs on the International Space Station Could Be French

The news becomes all the more astonishing when we learn that the bed bugs present in the space station would have a 79% chance of causing serious health problems, even diseases. Toilets infested with bed bugs. The presence of the “mutant” bed bugs becomes even more terrifying when we learn that these insects, which multiply, […]

How Long Can a Bed Bug Live?

We’re often asked how long a bed bug can live. Normally, bed bugs live between two and four months. However, the answer isn’t so easy, since in certain conditions bed bugs can live: 2 days at -18°C. 80 hours at -16°C. Up to 485 days at 10°C. 99 to 300 days at over 25°C. 7 […]

Can Pets Get Bed Bugs?

Although they aren’t vectors or intermediaries of the transmission of bed bugs to people, pets can be victims of bed bug bites. However, bed bugs far prefer to feed on human blood. Despite this, birds and other pets can sometimes be victims of bed bug bites, and their accessories can become contaminated (mattress, bed, covers, […]

How to Move Without Bed Bugs

Are you the victim of a bed bug infestation and need to move? Are you wondering how to move without bed bugs? Rest assured. It’s possible to move your items while eradicating the bed bugs that might be found there. Integrated pest management against bed bugs will be a big help to you. Integrated pest […]

How Can I Know if I Have Bed Bugs at Home?

To know if you have bed bugs at home, check: If you or a member of your family seems to have insect bites on their skin. If you or a member of your family is suffering from itching. If there are blood stains or black spots present on the mattress. If there are stains or […]