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Heat Treatment

An effective and eco-friendly method

The bed bug heat treatment, also known as the “bed bug thermal treatment,” is one of the fastest and most effective ways to combat this insect. At Solution Cimex, we’ve never skimped on offering the best possible service to our clients, nor on acquiring the best equipment to achieve this. To the best of our knowledge, our bed bug heat treatment equipment is the most effective available on the market.

Effectiveness of the bed bug heat treatment

Our thermal units allow us to offer you a fast and effective bed bug heat treatment that can treat an entire apartment, a whole house, several apartments simultaneously, several hotel rooms simultaneously, rental buildings, shops, etc. It usually lets us put an end to bed bugs the same day. In addition, the result is final, since all stages of the bed bug are eliminated all at once, which is impossible to achieve with conventional treatments.

Main advantages

Heat Treatment​ for Bed Bugs
  • One of the fastest and most effective ways to combat this insect
  • Doesn’t require a second treatment
  • Put an end to bed bugs the same day

How does a bed bug heat treatment unfold?

(Note that, for greater discretion for our clients, all of Solution Cimex’s vehicles and thermal units are unmarked)

Before the treatment, the premises are secured, and the plants and pets are removed. Sensitive objects or those that could melt (such as candles, wax crayons) are also removed from the premises. A light preparation of the premises is then performed.

During a heat treatment, the temperature inside the house is raised using a heating unit to a temperature that kills all bed bugs, their pupae, and their eggs. The high temperature in the house reaches all the bed bugs, wherever they are, even in places where they might not be visible. The technicians will keep the temperature elevated for a specified time to ensure that all the bed bugs die, no matter where they are in the house.

Due to the high temperature and for safety reasons, the house must be evacuated of its inhabitants during the heating. People can re-enter the premises after the treatment is over.

How much does a bed bug treatment cost?

The bed bug heat treatment is more expensive than a conventional treatment using only approved products. However, its effectiveness will be fast and affect a greater surface area than a conventional treatment. The prices are adjusted according to the surface area of the dwelling to be treated. Contact us to receive your free estimate.

How long does a heat treatment take?

Our equipment is at the cutting edge of technology. It is capable of increasing the temperature of the apartment to over 122°F in only about 90 minutes. The mortality rate of the bed bugs is therefore 100%. Forced-air convection technology allows for a high rate of temperature increase and an even heat dispersion inside the treated area. The higher and more even temperatures spread more inside the home and into the furniture, thereby ensuring that the heat reaches every square inch of the living space. The time required can vary from one house to the next due to various factors, particularly the size of the spaces to be treated.

At what temperatures do bed bugs die?

According to a recent study, the lethal temperature for an adult bed bug is 48.3°C. The eggs, however, are more resistant and require a temperature of 54.8°C to be neutralized instantly.(2) If these temperatures are not reached, it is therefore important to respect the specific exposure times for lower temperatures.

Temperature and duration required to kill adult bed bugs. Exposure duration required to kill eggs and all stages of the bed bug:

  • At 45°C/113°F, bed bugs die after seven hours.
  • At 48°C/118.4°F, bed bugs take 71.5 minutes to be eliminated.
  • At 50°C/122°F, the entire life cycle of the bed bug is eliminated in less than 1 min.

Source: Stephen A. Kells et al., 2011

What is the difference with other treatments?

Specializing in the eradication of bed bugs, Solution Cimex’s technicians offer you the fastest, most effective, most eco-friendly solution possible. The bed bug heat treatment is the only solution that destroys the entire cycle of the bed bug in an entire dwelling. Unlike chemical treatments, the bed bug heat treatment doesn’t require a second treatment. As soon as the treatment is finished, it’s possible for you to re-enter your home, shop, or rooms with peace of mind.

Do you need a bed bug heat treatment in Montréal, on the South Shore, or in Estrie?

Solution Cimex is the benchmark in bed bug treatment. They have state-of-the-art equipment capable of exterminating bed bugs with heat faster and more powerfully than the majority of conventional thermal equipment. Say goodbye to bed bugs. Regain comfort and peace of mind the same day. The results are guaranteed.

Why choose Solution Cimex?

Before Solution Cimex emerged, its founder was confronted with bed bug infestations himself in his apartment buildings. After thousands of dollars in extermination expenses and mediocre results from other service providers, he engaged in a research and development process in order to obtain protocols with fast and effective results. An effective protocol then emerged. It was an integrated pest management protocol consisting of an application of dry steam, among other things.

However, to offer its clients an even faster, more effective, and more eco-friendly result, Solution Cimex has outfitted itself with the best technology in existence in terms of bed bug heat treatment.

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