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Flies are a nuisance, both for health and for the comfort of life. These insects carry parasites, bacteria and viruses from waste and/or decaying matter to deposit on surfaces or food. Tuberculosis, cholera, or even typhus can then be transmitted to humans in this way. Also, these critters disturb our outdoor activities. They are a source of irritation when they invade our homes. Fortunately, it is possible to exterminate them. Our team at Solution Cimex has the solution. 

How to recognize a fly?

A fly is a flying insect that we are all quite familiar with. Although there are thousands of species, flies all look pretty much alike. This critter has a pair of transparent membranous wings, small antennae and large eyes of various colors. Its trunk is used to suck food.

The size, shape, and color of flies vary by species. The majority of them measure between 6 and 8 mm in length. It is an insect that displays a characteristic behavior, in particular the way it rotates its head. He does this quickly and easily. The pest is able to fly up to a speed of 7 km/h. It moves around making an annoying and loud noise.

How to detect the presence of flies?

The sight of flies twirling through the air or landing on surfaces is one of the first signs of their invasion. These insects are then visible in the kitchen, the bathroom, the dining room or even the toilets. They will come and go in all directions, looking for food.

Observe the condition of the walls, windows and ceilings. These pests tend to leave traces there. More specifically, they deposit excrement, food scraps, decomposing matter or eggs. Cobwebs on either side of the house can also be a sign of their presence. Finally, it is necessary to check the presence of cocoons near the joints and under the sink.

What attracts flies?

The first step towards exterminating flies is identifying the causes of their presence. First, these pests tend to appear when the weather is hot, especially in spring and summer. They multiply during periods of high heat and in humid areas. These insects are especially attracted to decomposing matter in garbage cans.

Also, they appreciate very ripe, even rotten fruit, whether in the trees or on your tables. It is not uncommon to observe them on cat litter and other places soiled by animal excrement. These give off a foul odor, a sign of a food source for flies.

How to get rid of flies?

Various solutions are possible to get rid of flies. The problem ? Most of the methods usually adopted present a temporary result. They do not completely eliminate the insects present in your home. Calling on a specialized company remains one of the best options. It has professional insecticide products and justifies in-depth knowledge for efficient and safe work.

Here are some solutions to control these pests:

  • Natural repellents: flies hate essential oils of geranium, lavender or eucalyptus. It is necessary to deposit drops on strategic areas, in particular the windowsill.
  • Cloves: you will have to place a good quantity near a work surface or in a fruit basket. Without forgetting the kitchen and the bathroom. The smell released by cloves repels insects.
  • Carnivorous plants: investing in carnivorous plants is a natural solution to limit the spread of flies. Drosera and Venus flytrap are examples.
  • Insecticides: they kill fly nests. Just spray it in the trash can, windowsills and any overgrown places.

How to prevent a fly infestation?

The flies reproduce quickly and the females lay nearly 2,000 eggs per month. To reduce/avoid their invasion, you can start by reducing food sources. It is essential to empty the bins regularly and to remove very ripe fruit in the kitchen and in the garden.

You can also put devices in place to prevent flies from entering the house. Then install mosquito nets or even curtains or door bottoms in the entrance areas. As for electric shredders, they should be used with caution.

At Solution Cimex, we offer professional solutions. We can support you in the fight against pests, for a lasting result. 

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