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Carpenter Ant Extermination

Carpenter ants are harmless to humans. However, their presence often indicates framework, insulation, or water ingress problems. That’s why the extermination of carpenter ants is recommended when their presence is detected in or around homes.

How to recognize carpenter ants ?

There are red and black carpenter ants (both brownish), and the males measure about ten millimetres. The males and future queens have wings. The young queens mate in the spring, then lose their wings. In May, the winged ants leave the nest and fly away.

At this time, therefore, it’s particularly necessary to monitor the processions of workers, which measure from 6 to 13 mm.

What damage can occur if nothing is done ?

Unlike other ant species, carpenter ants can cause significant damage to wooden structures, including homes. Here are some of the damage carpenter ants can cause in a home:

  • Structural damage: carpenter ants dig tunnels in the wood to build their nests. Over time, these galleries can weaken wooden structures, which can lead to significant structural damage. Damage caused by carpenter ants can be severe and require expensive repairs;
  • Aesthetic damage: the tunnels dug by carpenter ants can make the wood crumbly and discolor it. It then becomes unattractive, which can detract from the aesthetics of your home;
  • Fire hazards: Carpenter ants can also increase the risk of fire in a home. The galleries dug in the wood can weaken its fire resistance and allow the flames to spread more quickly;
  • Health Risks: Although carpenter ants are not known to transmit disease, their presence can pose health risks. Carpenter ant droppings can cause allergic reactions in some people, including skin rashes and respiratory problems.

How to carry out a carpenter ant extermination ?

If you are dealing with a carpenter ant infestation, the best option we recommend is to call in the professionals to fix the problem. Indeed, these insects are particularly difficult to exterminate and new colonies are likely to form sooner or later.

At Solution Cimex, we use cutting-edge instruments to locate the problem areas where the carpenter ant nests are usually found. Thermal cameras allow us to detect temperature variations in the walls, which are at risk of producing areas of humidity that carpenter ants love. In-wall moisture sensors confirm the presence of damp areas for us. Finally, ultra-sensitive radars allow us—if necessary—to detect the movement of the ants inside the walls.

A carpenter ant exterminator is your undisputed ally when it comes to getting rid of these insects for good and verifying the cause of them.

Carpenter ant
Carpenter ants
carpenter ant

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