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Raccoons are harmful species that will cause damage to your environment. They destroy gardens, damage the roof and dig holes in the walls. It is important to protect yourself from them since they can, in addition, be carriers of diseases such as rabies or leptospirosis. They therefore represent a problem for public health. Know that it is still possible to remove raccoons without cruelty, in compliance with the regulations in force in this area and the ecosystem. At Solution Cimex, we can help you in this regard.

How to recognize a raccoon?

A raccoon, or Procyon lotor by its scientific name, measures between 60 and 95 cm, including its tail which is decorated with 5 to 6 black and white rings. A kind of black mask surrounds the eyes of this animal. The latter has small ears and a pointed snout. The majority of raccoons are gray. The coat of some individuals, however, displays white, black or brown, depending on the species and the season. These animals undergo moulting for three months in the spring. This phenomenon results in the modification of the coat.  

Why is it important to keep raccoons away?

The danger of raccoon droppings

Raccoons have the annoying habit of leaving fecal matter in the places they frequent. These excrements can be vectors of diseases. This is particularly the case when they contain Baylisascaris procyonis, worms that are dangerous for human beings. They could accidentally ingest the eggs. This will cause fatigue, nausea or, even worse, muscle weakness.

It is therefore important to learn how to identify the feces of a raccoon. They are cylindrical in shape, brown in color and give off a strongly unpleasant smell. They are found in the favorite places of raccoons, in particular high spaces, terraces, garages or even attics.

A disturbing animal

Raccoons adapt to the human environment. They enjoy and invade places where they can feed. It is not uncommon to see them vandalizing trash cans. They use their fingers to tear open trash bags, rummage through the contents and scatter the trash. They can do this in parks, on the street and on properties.

These wild animals cause damage in their path, even wide open spaces. They dig holes in different places to look for food. They scratch anything and everything. They even manage to snatch equipment. The damage caused can be substantial and costly.  

Significant property damage

The presence of raccoons on a property is a problem for businesses and individuals. These animals cause structural damage to buildings by scratching everywhere and leaving traces. They can cause short circuits when they chew on electrical cables and wires.

These wild animals like to roam in low-traffic areas, including attics and chimneys. They then disturb the sleep of the tenants during the night. Also, they can leave unpleasant odors because of their droppings.

How do you get rid of raccoons?

You can use strong smells to keep raccoons away. They especially hate pungent scents. Spices remain one of the most effective solutions.

Mix, for example, water, cayenne pepper and a little water, to put in a spray bottle. Spray the solution in various areas of the house. It is recommended to insist in the attic, cellar and areas serving as a passage for animals.

You can also invest in a mothball. Place a few on either side of the building. Also, you can get a repellent spray to combine with peppermint essential oil to repel these rodents.

Regular hygiene and maintenance are effective tips for keeping raccoons away. At the same time, the waste must be secured by using a trash can that is difficult to vandalize. In any case, avoid leaving food lying around, especially leftover food in the dog/cat bowl. In addition, it is advisable to regularly collect fallen fruits and vegetables in the garden, which would inexorably attract marmots.

Be careful, the use of traps or poison is strictly regulated. It is important to be well informed before resorting to it. To do things well, entrust this mission to professionals like us. Thanks to our experience and our skills, we will be able to make an inventory and implement the best solution to get rid of raccoons.

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