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Do you live in Waterloo and your house is invaded by pests? Know that you can call on our services to quickly and efficiently resolve your infestation concerns, regardless of the type of pest. We also intervene in different localities of Quebec and Canada as soon as possible and at an affordable price.

Is using unprofessional methods effective in exterminating pests?

Non-professional methods can be effective in exterminating pests in some cases, but they may not be as effective as professional methods. Their effectiveness will depend on the type and degree of pest infestation, as well as the method used. Here are some examples of non-professional methods of pest control.

Mouse or rat traps

Traps are a common method of getting rid of rodents. Traps can be used to capture mice and rats alive, or to kill them instantly. However, this method may not be effective for large infestations or very suspicious rodents.


Repellents are products that claim to ward off pests, such as mice, mosquitoes or flies. However, their effectiveness may vary and they may not be sufficient for a large infestation.

Chemical products

There are many commercially available chemicals for pest control. Insecticides, for example, can kill insects, but they can also be dangerous to pets and humans if not used correctly.

Hiring professionals: the best option

Although these methods can be useful in some cases, it is important to note that they are not always effective in completely eliminating a pest infestation. In some cases, unprofessional methods can even make the problem worse by spreading the pests to other parts of the house.

If you have a heavy infestation of pests, it is recommended that you call in an extermination professional. At Solution Cimex, we will quickly and efficiently solve the problem. We also give you tips to prevent the invasion from happening again.

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