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In addition to being experts in bed bug extermination, we also offer extermination services for other pests, such as ants, carpenter ants, cockroaches, fleas, earwigs, wasps, flies, etc.

Carpenter ants

Although they’re harmless to people, carpenter ants cause material damage to buildings. Attracted to moisture, they settle in your decomposing tree trunks, dead wood on the ground, and your frames, beams, and other woodwork. They dig tunnels to lay their eggs. In a few years, the damage can be considerable. Treating for carpenter ants is essential when they are detected inside the house.

Pavement or field ants

Brown or black, these are the ones that you see in your garden or on the sidewalks. They sometimes enter your home looking for food. The problem is that they live in colonies. They can cause long-term damage: land subsidence, contaminated food, etc. It’s therefore necessary to control their presence by proceeding with care to prevent them from coming back each summer. Contact us now for an ant treatment.

Pharaoh Ant

Pharaoh ants are small, invasive insects that can cause many problems in homes and buildings. With their small size and ability to nestle in hard-to-reach places, it can be difficult to get rid of them in the event of an infestation.


A reddish-brown insect with a flat body equipped with two pincers, the earwig hates light and lives in the cracks of the walls! It feeds on fruit, vegetables, and flowers. Very numerous, they cause significant damage in gardens—damage that can extend to your home. An indoor and outdoor treatment is recommended.

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They thrive around garbage and are real breeding grounds for microbes—not to mention the fact that they leave their droppings everywhere. It’s essential to get rid of them and to make sure that they don’t spread any germs. Are insects and harmful pests settled in your home? Contact us immediately!

Roaches (also known as cockroaches)

There are four different species of cockroaches that have the common characteristic of seeking out rather hot and humid places near food. Roaches stick together and act at night. Their favourite place? The kitchen, bathroom, garbage cans, toilet bowl, food, toothbrushes, soap, etc.! It’s absolutely necessary to hermetically seal food sources, contact a professional, and have the cockroaches exterminated.


Beware the end of summer, the season most conducive to flea infestations. Carriers of diseases, they are responsible for redness and itching. In fact, this is an allergy to their saliva when they suck your blood! On your skin, their bites are aligned and grouped together. Contact us to eliminate them quickly.


Squirrels are small wild animals whose face and behavior do not leave marble. However, they can be invasive and their presence causes various problems. Indeed, they do not fail to cause damage to our properties. They gnaw through electrical wires and damage the insulation system. So how do you get rid of them?


Rats are rodents belonging to the class of mammals and family Muridae. They are not only pests, but also carriers of diseases. They can damage infrastructure, crops and equipment in our homes. Also, they can be vectors of Hanta fever, bubonic plague or leptospirosis.

Wasps & Bees

They are particularly prevalent in gardens, where they gather fruit and insects to feed their larvae. Wasps also invite themselves to your table, and their stings can be painful. They gladly settle in your attics, your gutters, and even in the ground. An extermination is sometimes unavoidable.


Skunks are mustelids that adapt just as well in wooded areas as in a house. They tend to settle in the garage, the attic, the garden and even in the air vents. The most notable clue to their presence is musk, a strong, unpleasant odor released when the animal feels threatened.


The marmot, also called the whistler, is a mammal belonging to the category of rodents and to the family of Rodentia. It is visible in different places in Canada, except in Nunavut and Newfoundland. This animal can charm with its cute side and its characteristic behavior. Unfortunately, its presence causes problems for human beings and their environment.


Pigeons are birds considered by many to be pests, due to their speed of proliferation and their invasive presence. In addition to leaving droppings everywhere, these birds are particularly noisy, especially when there are many of them. How to do ?


Raccoons are harmful species that will cause damage to your environment. They destroy gardens, damage the roof and dig holes in the walls. It is important to protect yourself from them since they can, in addition, be carriers of diseases such as rabies or leptospirosis. They therefore represent a problem for public health.


The presence of mice in a home, in a garage, or on a farm should never be tolerated. Like other wild rodents, mice are natural reservoirs of diseases, such as leptospirosis1 and hantavirus pulmonary syndrome2, to name just a few, which can be deadly diseases in some cases.

Xylophagous insects

Insects are said to be “xylophagous” when they feed on dead or living wood. Are classified in this category termites, capricorns, sirex, wood weevils, beetles, beetles or even lyctus. How to detect their presence in a house and what to do to get rid of them?


Flies are a nuisance, both for health and for the comfort of life. These insects carry parasites, bacteria and viruses from waste and/or decaying matter to deposit on surfaces or food. Tuberculosis, cholera, or even typhus can then be transmitted to humans in this way.


An earwig, or Forficula auricularia, is a small, usually harmless insect. It is not dangerous for humans or animals. It does not sting and does not carry diseases. On the other hand, a massive infestation is harmful for the garden and the plants. This critter will feed on roots, flowers, buds, fruits and vegetables, not to mention shrubs.

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