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Bed Bugs in Prison Cells

Is it possible to be a victim of the bed bug in prison cells? Yes, of course. The bed bug doesn’t spare anyone, not even in cells. Indeed, it is particularly formidable there due to the openings that allow bed bugs to spread easily. The constricted movement and overcrowding of the cells also allow bed bugs to have easy access to recurring meals. The presence of bed bugs in prisons makes life difficult for both the inmates and the staff.  

Bed bugs in the cells of the Palais de justice de Gatineau

In an article published on April 14, 2017 and updated online on December 30, 2018 in Le Droit, we learned that the prisoners who served their weekend sentences in the cells located in the basement of the Palais de justice de Gatineau in Quebec (Jos-Montferrand building) were dealing with bed bugs. An inmate reported the situation, which had lasted at least four weeks while the cells were overcrowded. A spokesperson from the Ministère de la sécurité publique confirmed the information. A follow-up and the implementation of special measures as well as the use of a professional have been put in place to ensure that the situation is resolved. (1)  

Bed bugs at Colmar Prison

In an article published on October 6, 2018 in Le Parisien, we learn that the recurring presence of bed bugs had been reported several times by the prisoners and that the unions had pushed the institution to take major steps to disinfect the affected building at Colmar Prison (France). The operation required the relocation of around sixty prisoners to other detention centres while the eradication was completed. (2  

Bed bug extermination in prison

Exterminating bed bugs in prison requires even more extensive logistics due to the transfer of the inmates as well as the risk of infesting the institutions to which they are transferred. In the case of Colmar Prison, all the inmates from the infected building were transferred. The institution was treated using a specific protocol. In addition, the clothes were treated at over 60°C and all the mattresses were replaced. All the inmates’ possessions were also treated. Everything was done to avoid transferring the bed bugs to other institutions and to completely eradicate the bed bugs in the building before the inmates returned.

Bed bugs sometimes make life hard for the inmates, as a report from BFMTV explains: