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Should I Buy Anti-Bed Bug Covers?

Anti-bed bug mattress covers are useful tools to protect your mattresses from the damage that bed bugs can cause to them. However, it’s important to follow a few basic instructions when buying, installing, and using anti-bed bug covers.

Before buying your cover, it’s important to measure the dimensions as well as the thickness of your mattress.

Your cover must be adjusted to your mattress. Indeed, for the same dimensions, it’s possible, for example, to find covers suitable for mattresses that are 4 to 8 inches thick, others for those that are 7 to 12 inches thick, and others that will suit mattresses that are 11 to 18 inches thick. This adjustment is important to prevent overflows and folds in the fabric. The adjustment also lets you minimize the possibility of bed bugs finding shelter behind the folds of the cover.

How Do Anti-Bed Bug Covers Work?

Quality anti-bed bug covers make it possible to envelop mattresses and bed bases in a material that prevents bed bugs outside from being able to access your mattress and deteriorating it.

Thanks to their white colour, covers let you detect bed bugs or the stains left by their droppings faster than on a coloured mattress. They are sometimes even used after the treatments performed by exterminators.

In some cases, covers trap the bed bugs that might be hiding in the mattress. The upper membrane of the cover prevents the bed bugs from feeding, thereby condemning them to die of starvation. It’s for this same reason that it’s very important to leave the covers hermetically sealed on the mattresses for at least 18 months to prevent any new infestations.

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Do covers protect my bed from bed bugs?

Covers only protect the mattress and/or bed base from the damage that bed bugs might cause to them. They don’t protect the bed or the person sleeping on it. If you want to protect your bed from the bed bugs present in a room and you want to prevent them from biting you, you can:

  1. Disinfect the structure of your bed, your bed base, and your mattress with very hot dry steam.
  2. Install bed bug monitors for the bed legs (e.g., Bedmoat bed bug traps).
  3. Move your bed away from the edge of any wall, furniture, or object that may touch the bed and be used as a walkway for bed bugs.
  4. Ensure that no bedding touches the ground at any time, which could again be used as a walkway for bed bugs.

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How to get rid of bed bugs by myself

Trying to get rid of bed bugs by yourself isn’t recommended. Although discreet, the bed bug reproduces at a tremendous speed. An inappropriate treatment or the improper handling of infested objects is likely to disperse the bed bugs and spread the infestation to the adjacent units, all the units, or even an entire building.

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