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Steam Treatment for Bed Bugs

Have you already heard about the steam treatment for bed bugs? This treatment involves calmly running a dry steam device over infected or potentially infested surfaces. Bed bugs, which can’t survive temperatures higher than 50°C, are therefore killed by the application of the steam.

The main advantage of the steam treatment for bed bugs is its speed in killing the insect in all its life stages. It’s possible to treat beds (bases, box springs, mattresses), furniture (dressers, chairs, etc.), carpets, curtains, and other items likely to hide bed bugs or their eggs.

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What is dry steam?

Dry steam is overheated water vapour characterized by a low humidity level. It only contains about 5% humidity. This is possible by heating the water under pressure and at a high temperature in the dry steam machine. Although water normally turns to steam at 100°C, the temperature of dry steam can easily reach 175°C. These machines are often called “dry steam generators” on the market. Several brands and manufacturers of professional dry steam generators can be found on the market, such as Fortador, REA, and Dupray.

Is the steam treatment for bed bugs effective?

For the steam treatment to be effective, it must be carefully and calmly applied to all the crevices and all the surfaces where bed bugs can hide. It’s important to take enough time during the treatment to ensure that the heat from the dry steam has time to be transmitted to the insect to destroy it.

You should know, however, that the steam treatment alone isn’t always able to reach the bed bugs wherever they are hiding. Although its effect is immediate and it can restore comfort faster, it doesn’t offer persistence. That is, steam doesn’t provide protection in the days following its application, as approved products do. That’s why the steam treatment is often combined with other pest control methods to offer protection from bed bugs in the room following the treatment.

It’s also important to use a commercial dry steam machine to take advantage of the highest possible temperature and a low humidity level.

While being very effective, the use of dry steam allows maximum heat to be transmitted without getting the items too wet. However, it’s recommended to dry the treated items well before covering them in any material whatsoever to prevent any risk of the proliferation of mould.

Why rely on an extermination professional?

Each bed bug infestation is different. The configuration of the premises, the number of items in the rooms, the extent of the infestation, and the actions already taken are to be considered. The steam treatment for bed bugs is rarely a single and final solution. Your extermination professional is the person in the best position to assess the extent and location of the bed bugs in your home. The exterminator will then be able to propose a treatment plan tailored to your situation. It will likely involve several actions to take and several ways to treat the insects to achieve effective and lasting results.

At Solution Cimex, we place great importance on the steam treatment method for bed bugs, putting it at the heart of our treatments.