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How Does the Bed Bug Heat Treatment Work?

Are you a landlord, property manager, or head of residential services? Are you looking for an exterminator that can get rid of bed bugs quickly and effectively? Opt for the heat treatment! Here’s how the bed bug heat treatment works at Solution Cimex:

Please note that, for the sake of discretion, Solution Cimex’s vehicles and thermal units are unmarked and unlettered.

1) Setting up the thermal unit and connecting the return lines

The thermal unit is the heat source that will be used during your anti-bed bug treatment. This is a trailer located outside. Thermal lines about 5 cm wide allow the heat to be transferred from the thermal unit to the radiators that will be installed inside.

2) Setting up the equipment

The equipment is unloaded from the thermal unit.

Forced air radiators are installed in strategic locations around the house. These will allow for a fast and even temperature increase in the treated rooms.

3) Removing the heat-sensitive items and preparing the premises

Most of the items present in homes tolerate temperature well. However, chocolates, candies, plants, animals, musical instruments, and medications—among other items—must be removed. The preparation of the premises involves—among other things—opening the drawers, opening the closets, and moving the furniture away from the walls.

4) Starting the heat treatment

The thermal unit used by Solution Cimex is one of the most effective. It can reach the “lethal temperature” that kills bed bugs faster than conventional electric heating units. Switching on the forced air radiators allows for the even temperature increase across the treated rooms. With this temperature reaching up to 145°F, the bed bugs and their eggs die instantly. Our technicians check the temperature of the premises and the supplies and carry out the operations required for the success of the operation.

5) Post-treatment inspection

A simple visual inspection makes it possible to confirm the effectiveness of the treatment on the bed bugs. You will be amazed to see the speed and effectiveness with which our heat treatment has eliminated your bed bugs.