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Bed Bug Extermination in Laval

On September 5, 2017, the city adopted By-law L-12519 regarding the Housing Code. This by-law provides guidelines for treating bed bugs in Laval. In particular, it establishes what tenants, landlords, and pest management companies must do when bed bugs are present in a dwelling. This by-law applies to the entire territory of the Ville de Laval. Here is a brief summary:

Punaises de lit sur un matelas


Responsibilities of tenants

Tenants in Laval are required to notify their landlord of the presence of any bed bugs in a room or dwelling immediately.

Responsibilities of landlords

Landlords who have received notice of the presence of bed bugs must now:

  • Report the situation in writing to the Ville de Laval’s Service de l’environnement.
  • Assign an authorized and certified extermination company or person within seven days of the occupants’ notice.
  • Inform the tenants of the date of the extermination and provide them with leaflets for the preparation of the premises and safety.
  • Proceed with the extermination between the seventh and tenth day after signing the contract.

Responsibilities of extermination companies

For their part, extermination companies are required to:

  • Provide the landlord with explanatory leaflets regarding the preparations and safety instructions.
  • Provide the Service de l’environnement with a detailed statement containing the details of the extermination.
  • Perform an inspection between the fifteenth and thirtieth day after the first extermination and provide another statement regarding the observations and—if applicable—the details of the extermination.

For more information, consult the complete by-law and other information on the Ville de Laval’s website.