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Canine Detection of Bed Bugs in a Moving Van

Have you already wondered if there could be bed bugs in your moving van? Of course, it’s a possibility. That’s why it’s important to prepare for your move to reduce the risks associated with bed bug transmission.1

Story of a useful canine detection

A few days ago, we helped a family recover their furniture and personal effects using a bed bug heat treatment. Our mandate involved raising the temperature of the apartment, which was located in an infested building, for long enough to destroy the bed bugs that were thriving there. Following the treatment, we had the building and the moving van inspected by a squad of bed bug-detecting dogs. These dogs have an extremely developed sense of smell that allows them to detect the presence of bed bugs and viable eggs.

At the end of the exercise, the canine squad was able to confirm that the dwelling was now free of bed bugs. Then came the time to inspect the moving van. The first dog climbed into the van to sniff out the odour of potential bed bugs there.

Chien détecteur de punaises de lit effectuant une détection canine des punaises de lit.

In a short time, our bed bug-detecting friend identified the presence of bed bugs in the blankets in the moving van. After removing them from the van, he and the other dogs of the canine anti-bed bug squad were able to identify the blanket on which there were bed bugs.

Inspected again without the moving blankets, the van could be certified. It was now free from bed bugs and safe to use. The family could therefore safely move their furniture and personal items, which otherwise might have been re-infected during transport.

The moral of this story? Whether it’s a thermal treatment, a conventional treatment, or a simple move, it’s always worth the trouble to take every possible precaution to move without bed bugs.

Détection canine des punaises de lit - Bed bugs sniffing dog

Bed bugs sniffing dog