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The Thermal Chamber

Do you notice the presence of bed bugs in a chair, sofa, or couch? Don’t panic. Solution Cimex, pest management specialists, has a temperature-controlled thermal chamber to treat furniture and supplies from which bed bugs would be difficult to remove otherwise.

A thermal chamber for hard-to-treat furniture

Couches, chairs, futons, and certain pieces of furniture with crevices and padded sides may allow bed bugs to hide and escape conventional treatments. This is particularly true when bed bugs infest the piece of furniture in question. The thermal chamber lets you effectively treat the furniture and desired items. By adjusting its temperature above the lethal level for bed bugs and their eggs, it makes it possible to eliminate the insects from the items quickly and effectively.

contrôle de la chambre thermique


The thermal chamber lets you eliminate bed bugs before a move.

Thanks to its speed and efficiency, the thermal chamber makes it possible to eliminate bed bugs before a move. Indeed, unlike conventional bed bug treatments, which require a second treatment a few weeks after the first, the effect of the thermal chamber is immediate, and the furniture can be transferred to a safe place to be moved as soon as the treatment is finished.

An eco-friendly solution

The thermal treatment chamber uses heat and forced air instead of insecticides. This treatment method is particularly useful for the furniture in question, since it often comes into direct contact with skin or clothes (couches, futons, chairs, armchairs, mattresses, etc.). It is therefore an eco-friendly bed bug treatment solution for the furniture treated there.

The best bed bug treatment?

The thermal chamber is part of a collection of extermination services offered by Solution Cimex especially for bed bug cases. Among others, these include inspection by a technician, the conventional bed bug treatment, the thermal chamber treatment, the thermal bed bug treatment (whole home), freezing services for items, drying services, canine bed bug detection, etc. Contact us today to discuss the treatment that could best address your reality.