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Canine Bed Bug Detection

An effective method for inspecting and locating the sources of contamination.

For several years, this method has shown the usefulness of man’s best friend when the time comes to detect the places where bed bugs are hiding with precision. Well-known for the acuity of their sense of smell, dogs have already proven themselves in the fight against drugs, explosives, and even cancer. Today, they lend a real helping hand to people struggling with bed bugs or those who simply want to verify the possibility of their presence on their property, home, or business.

Precision of the bed bug-detecting dogs

The dogs are so powerful that they can tell the difference between the smell of dead and living bed bugs. The same goes for the smell of viable or dead eggs. This extraordinary ability not only lets them detect bed bug infestations, but also—in some cases—ensure that they are really gone after the treatments.

Who benefits from canine bed bug detection?

Among others, the services of bed bug-detecting dogs may be useful for:

  • Tenants moving into a new apartment in a city at risk for bed bugs.
  • Landlords, when tenants leave their apartment.
  • Intermediate resources or retirement homes. Canine inspection of the future tenant’s room and property at their old home before they move can sometimes prevent the contamination of an entire building.
  • Motels, hotels, bed and breakfasts, inns, dormitories, etc. Periodically or as soon as a customer complains of bites or the presence of bed bugs.
  • Property managers, when they encounter or fear the presence of bed bugs in their building.
  • Businesses (e.g., office buildings, call centres, cinemas, stores, public spaces, etc.)
  • Public transportation services: buses, taxis, ambulances, etc.
  • Solidarity businesses, such as stores selling second-hand items or flea markets.
  • Low-income housing or any apartment block that has experienced a bed bug problem to check for a possible spread to other apartments.
  • You, after returning from a trip.
  • Your children when they come back from a summer camp where they stayed in a dormitory.
  • Anyone who wants to make sure that they aren’t victims of bed bugs.

Main advantages

Canine Bed Bug Detection
  • Smell of living and bed bugs
  • Smell of viable and dead eggs
  • Ensure that they are really gone after the treatments.

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