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Bed Bug Extermination in Montréal

Bed bug extermination in Montréal is governed by the By-Law Concerning the Sanitation, Maintenance, and Safety of Dwelling Units (03-096). This by-law seeks to ensure that any bed bug problem is resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible. In particular, it aims to eliminate the presence of bed bugs as well as the conditions that contribute to their proliferation by relying on a qualified exterminator.1

Bed bugs and the Ville de Montréal:

On the Ville de Montréal’s webpages devoted to bed bugs, we can read that each person—whether they’re a landlord, tenant, or exterminator—has an important role to play when it comes to successfully stamping out an infestation. Here’s an overview:

The tenant’s responsibility regarding bed bugs:

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As a tenant, if you have bed bugs, it’s important not to try to solve the problem yourself. As soon as you notice the presence of bed bugs, you must notify your landlord or the person who represents them immediately.

The landlord’s responsibility regarding bed bugs:

As a landlord, as soon as the presence of bed bugs is reported, you must do business with a qualified exterminator to perform a bed bug detection in the dwelling in question. The Ville de Montréal also stipulates that the landlord must make all the other dwellings and places of the building accessible so that the exterminator can determine the extent of the infestation and stamp it out effectively.

The exterminator’s responsibility:

When a case of infestation is noted, the Ville de Montréal requires exterminators to detect the presence of bed bugs in the infested dwelling as well as all the dwellings in the building. They must also ensure that the bed bugs, juvenile bed bugs, and eggs are eradicated, which involves more than one visit in the case of an application of products, because the eggs aren’t destroyed by them. The Ville requires them to treat mattresses and upholstered furniture with hot steam and to use approved insecticides against bed bugs.2

Do you have bed bugs?

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