How do you combat pests with ready-to-use products and accessories?

Comment combattre des nuisibles avec des produits et accessoires prets a utiliser SolutionCimex

There’s nothing more disturbing and stressful than pests invading our homes. Rodents, insects and parasites are some of the most common types. If you’re faced with an invasion, there are a number of effective products you can use or install yourself to combat these pests. Find out more about them in this article.


Rats and mice are a particular nuisance when they move into a house. The damage they can cause can be devastating:

  • They multiply very quickly and invade the whole house;
  • Damage to insulation, electrical cables and furniture;
  • Soiled food (when stored outside the fridge);
  • Holes in walls.closeup mouse stands behind chewed wire

Products to combat rodents


Traps are among the most effective devices for trapping mice and rats. Nowadays, they are easier to open and have a more modern design. Their size varies according to the rodents you want to trap. You need to distinguish between models for catching mice and those for rats.

These devices have been specially designed for optimum trigger sensitivity. The capture speed is also more powerful. Not to mention the patented teeth for optimum rodent retention.

Professional reusable traps are also available. These are fitted with a high-tension spring. They can capture both mice and small parasites. They are easily adjusted by hand or foot.

Whatever the type of trap, it works best when combined with bait. The bait can be liquid or solid.


Mouse traps

dead mouse

These are more sophisticated devices that trap rodents in a box. The box then emits an electric shock that systematically kills them. Rats and mice are lured into the box by bait. The box closes automatically, with no way for the rodents to get out.

There are various models on the market today. The multi-socket mouse trap can capture up to 8 live mice at the same time. There’s no need to adjust the device after each catch. The pests can then be released back into the wild. In practice, all you have to do is place the box somewhere in the house and wait.

Electronic models are also available. Note that these kill rodents directly. Mice are exterminated by a high-voltage shock as they pass through the “electrified” tunnel. This lasts just a few seconds. Some models can kill up to a hundred mice with one set of batteries. To use, put a bait in the cup and place it in an area of high mouse activity.


Adhesive strips

Sticky tape is generally a more or less large surface covered in glue. Rodents are attracted to them by a bait. Once they step on it, they remain stuck to it without any possibility of escaping.

As well as mice and rats, these devices can also catch cockroaches, ants and other small parasites. As well as being adhesive, this type of trap gives off an odour that attracts unwanted guests.

For added convenience, some models have perforations. These allow them to be fixed to a wall, for example, to prevent them from slipping or moving. It’s also worth mentioning folding sticky traps. These take the form of a tunnel, which is practical for use in confined spaces or to protect the adhesive from dust.

Non-lethal traps

Finally, there are traps that allow you to catch rodents alive and then dispose of them as you wish. These are generally cages that trap rats and mice. These include protective boxes.

Bed bugs

These parasites generally settle in beds, foam-upholstered furniture and wardrobes. They feed on blood and attack the occupants of the house at night. They cause itching and redness all over the body.

Products to combat bed bugs

Bed Bug Infestation And Treatment Service

Devices to be installed at the foot of the bed

This is one of the most effective traps for eliminating bedbugs from your bed. They are installed at the foot of each bed and trap any bedbugs that try to crawl in. This is particularly true of Bed Moat devices. The principle is simple: these traps prevent bedbugs from reaching the bed via the footboard. They also have another purpose: to detect the presence of bed bugs.

There’s also the SENSCI VOLCANO kit. This trap has been specially designed to make it easy for bedbugs to get in, but impossible to get out. It can be discreetly placed in strategic locations around the home. You can easily see the “captured” ones thanks to the transparent bottom. These traps can be combined with bedbug lures for added effectiveness.

Bed covers

Bed covers are used to cover mattresses, box springs and pillows to prevent bed bugs from settling in. They are waterproof and hypoallergenic. The Protect-A-Bed cover offers optimum protection. It forms as barrier against bed bugs. They can’t get in or out. This type of cover also protects against dust mites and other allergens.


You can also opt for insecticides to eliminate bed bugs. These products are mainly for use in the wardrobe and on infected furniture. As well as sprays, there’s also diatomaceous earth.



Cockroaches can cause a lot of damage in the home:

  • Soiled food
  • Holes in walls
  • Damage to electrical appliances
  • Vectors of disease
  • Allergens.

many cockroaches coming through the door

Products to combat cockroaches

Sticky trapsSticky

traps are used to trap cockroaches by attracting them to a surface impregnated with glue.

They are easy to install and can trap a large number of insects at once.


Insecticides are just as effective at eliminating cockroaches quickly and radically. You can choose between sprays and powders.In particular, you can disperse pyrethrin powder. There are even all-in-one kits for optimum effectiveness.


Other pests

There are specific products to combat other pests such as ants, mosquitoes and other flying insects.Here are a few examples:

In conclusion, effective pest control is essential to maintaining a healthy and pleasant environment. Fortunately, there is a wide range of ready-to-use products and accessories available for this purpose. You can use them to combat rodents, bedbugs, cockroaches and other undesirables effectively. There are solutions to suit every situation. By acting quickly and using the right products, you can eliminate these unwelcome pests. And you’ll be protecting your home in the process. If the invasion gets out of hand, you can call on us. At Solution Cimex, we have the right people and the right equipment to come to your rescue. We specialise in pest eradication!